The bulldozer effect

My beautiful and historic hometown of St. John's, Newfoundland is perched on the far eastern shore of Canada, on the edge of the North Atlantic.  Its history goes back well over 500 years to the earliest explorers from Europe, and the summer fishermen who came from Britain.  It is a long and proud history that … Continue reading The bulldozer effect

Lessons learned, and learned again

I met a former client at a social event last year, and he introduced me as "his Designer" who had worked on his store, "...but actually I designed it.  She just helped". About a year after finishing that project, along came another client with very definite ideas and his very own 3D model.  The General Contractor balked at anything … Continue reading Lessons learned, and learned again


We are talking a lot of about diversity and equity within the Architectural profession right now.  How we relate to and work with each other within our profession is just as important, in my opinion, as how we do so with our peers throughout the construction industry. I've always believed that Architects are equal partners in the design … Continue reading Equity