Travel Diary: Vauban

Vauban, an innovative "green" neighbourhood in Freiburg, Germany. Travel is one of the things that I miss the most, as we here in the US and in many other countries are struggling to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. I miss my family and friends in Canada. I missed spending our wedding anniversary once again in… Continue reading Travel Diary: Vauban

Monday morning inspiration

A note from my M.Arch. thesis sketchbook, circa 1992 - always a good reminder that #sustainability isn't a specialization or an additional service, but a way of thinking, of seeing, and of working. It's that simple, and that complex at the same time. Translation, in case you can't read my 28-year-old scribbles: The Environment is… Continue reading Monday morning inspiration

Three things

Hurricane Sandy undoubtedly impacted building design and urban planning in New York City and along the neighbouring coastline. The ideas of resiliency and resilient design came to the attention of the design profession because it was clear that we couldn't continue to design and build in the same ways. The aftermath of one incredibly destructive… Continue reading Three things