Friday faves: Podcasts

Over the past year, I have been on a learning binge. In 2020, I absorbed so much professional continuing education that I accumulated almost 7 times the number of hours that Architects need in a year because, well, lockdown. And every conference went virtual, which was great because I could “go to” conferences that I normally wouldn’t be able to afford.

Architects are required to do 18 continuing education units (i.e. hours) in a year.

I love podcasts, and I have a long list of favourites. Here are my top 3 faves right now because I always LEARN stuff from them. And mostly, it’s not Architecture stuff, which is nice for a change. I mean, just look at my CEU’s from last year…. You’ve got to balance things out in life.
Yes, it’s about creative businesses like mine and it’s fantastic. Plus, Blair Enns & David C. Baker have great websites of their own, and really good books.
Awesome recipes & lovely conversations. I watched a writing seminar a few weeks ago that Marissa did, and she was wonderful. Her pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe is amazing, too, btw.
I know, this is work-related because it’s marketing stuff but Terry Reilly always has really fascinating stories, and he’s such a good storyteller.

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