Inspired by…spring

The old magnolia in our backyard, shown here in bloom last April, is a favourite sign of spring.

What inspires you, right now? For a lot of people, it’s been a year of focusing inward, putting many things (and projects) on pause, but now we are starting to see signs of spring. Yesterday, I went for a walk with my BFF & our dogs, the first time we’ve done that since last fall. My husband got his first vaccination last week, and my Mom in Canada is getting hers soon. New York State lowered the eligibility age to 50 so now I can get one, too. Schools & businesses are opening safely in some places, not yet in others.

But there is still much to do to make sure everyone is safe and healthy, to make vaccinations available to all who want and need them, and to rebuild our local economies.

When you can, shop local. Support small businesses. Continue to wear a mask and safely distance, even after you get vaccinated. Breathe, and be well.

#springiscoming #getoutside #wearamask #besafe #bewell #DesignSynergies #BuffaloNY 

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