Celebrating the power of place

Ruins of original Erie Canal buildings at Buffalo’s Canalside.

This week, Buffalo will host the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) conference. On Thursday evening, the local organizing committee will showcase Buffalo’s waterfront with an event at Canalside. Conference attendees will wander around the ruins of the spot where the Erie Canal meets Lake Erie, see the building of the replica canal boat Seneca Chief at the Longshed, and ride on a solar-powered ca1929 DeAngelis Carousel at the Buffalo Heritage Carousel. We’re hoping for great weather so we can watch the sunset across Lake Erie from the Adirondack chairs on the Great Lawn! 

Our current work at Canalside includes developing plans for the 200th-anniversary commemoration of the opening of the Erie Canal in 2025. We are working with BMC Consulting, Watts Architecture & Engineering, and Trophy Point, LLC.

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