Every building has an Architect….

Every year, we fill out questionnaires for a local business publication to be included on their lists of largest architecture firms (we aren’t one of those!) and largest woman-owned businesses (same!). This year, in response to the question of what challenges face the architecture industry that the public may not be aware of, we’re addressing that very fact:

Every Building has an Architect from the RAIC.

“Perhaps our biggest challenge as a profession is communicating the value of what we do to the public. For example, rarely is the #Architect of a project mentioned in local news coverage of building projects. We need to recognize and celebrate the good work of local Architects. As expressed by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada’s successful campaign from more than a decade ago, ‘Every book has an author, every dress has a designer,…[and] every building has an Architect’.”

That campaign was also adopted by AIA New York State a few years later. Perhaps it’s time to revisit it….

What inspired that thought was seeing yet another local news story yesterday about a wonderful project on Buffalo’s West Side that deserves attention – but which neglected to mention the name of the Architect. And another recent story credited an architecture firm with the #interiordesign work of our officemates at Get Fresh Industries. Not cool.

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