Cheers to the New Year

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House, reflected in the Greatbatch Pavilion by Toshiko Mori Architect, Buffalo, New York

For a lot of people, it will be a relief to see 2020 in the rear view mirror. This has been a year of unimaginable loss for so many families. Small businesses in our community – and around the world – are teetering on the edge. Education has been disrupted, from Kindergarten to Grad School. Healthcare systems have been pushed to their limits, and beyond.

Our hearts go out to all of our friends, family members, clients, and colleagues who have been touched by the pandemic. We have the deepest gratitude and admiration for those on the front lines of all healthcare, emergency, and essential services.

2020 has been a year of lessons learned unlike any other in recent memory. It has shown each of us how adaptable and resilient we really are. It has brought focus to the things that matter most: health, home, family and friends, and community.

Wishing you happiness, health, and joy in 2021.

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