Leaving the #tinyoffice…for an even tinier office

Back to the tiny home office: what meetings look like these days.

It’s been a month since my personal trainer-husband has been housebound, and 3 weeks since I moved back into the tiny upstairs room that was DSA’s original office for 3 years.

This is not how I imagined that the month of April would pan out. I know – no one else imagined all of <THIS> either. The enormity of the pandemic, and how it has affected everybody in all aspects of our lives, is staggering, heart-wrenching, and humbling. My thoughts are with everyone who has been ill, everyone who has lost a loved one, and everyone who has recovered.

I am especially in awe of all of the amazing humans working in healthcare, like some of our clients. Any thoughts of cabin fever will dissipate when you think about what other people are going through.

Viggo the (former) office dog

My little family is safe and healthy, and we have enough food for the two of us + dog. We’re very fortunate. Adding to all of this, in the last week of March – while New York State was gradually shutting down – we moved our office. My partner Cara moved into a new house a week later. The simplest things, like packing up and relocating (okay, not always a simple thing), were made so much more difficult.

But it all got done. Thank you to those who made it happen…you know who you are, and you will be rewarded with beers and wings when we’re finally allowed to gather in groups again.

The #tinyoffice in downtown Buffalo, which has been the public face of 3 home-based businesses over 4 years, is now available for rent. And our 3 little businesses have relocated to the TriMain Center, a vibrant artist/entrepreneur/social enterprise community that is, well, kind of quiet right now. We are really looking forward to being part of it, hopefully very soon.

For now, Allie is working at home in Durham NC, and Cara is working at/settling into her new North Buffalo house. Our “stuff” is in storage at the TriMain Center and in my garage, awaiting a safer time when the carpet can get installed and we can finally, really, actually move in to our new office.

It’s not business as usual for any of us, but it’s business for now. Stay safe. Be well.

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